Dr. C Jay Matthews I


Dr. C. Jay Matthews, I, is the senior pastor of Mt. Sinai-Friendship United and has served in ministry for nearly forty years. Before accepting his current position, he was the Chaplain at the Cuyahoga County Youth Development Center as well as the youth pastor and assistant pastor of Mount Sinai Baptist Church.  Under his leadership Mount Sinai has grown to become a non-traditional church in the city of Cleveland. 

Jacquelyn Matthews


Jacquelyn Dianne Matthews was born September 18th to Cora and James Farris in Nashville, TN. She is one of 9 children. She married, now Pastor, Dr. C. Jay Matthews, I in June of 1974. To that union was born Deidra, Kimberly, Charles II and Derreck. Dr. C. Jay and Jacquelyn Matthews began with Mount Sinai Baptist church at a young age in the Youth Church where they worked for many years. They sponsored field trips, coached basketball, held sleepovers and transported children to and from activities with the help of very few volunteers.  Pastor Jacquie pursued her undergraduate degree at Cleveland State University where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Communications. She then went on to receive her administrative award from Tri-c so that she could run Mount Sinai Child Care Center which she did for over ten years.Pastor Jacquie currently stands beside her husband as the co-pastor of Mt. Sinai-Friendship United and she is also the organizer of W.O.W... Women of Wisdom, the women's ministry at Mount Sinai-Friendship United. She is excited to serve and looks forward to continuing to support the vision of Connecting the world to Christ, one family at a time.

CJ Matthews II


CJ Matthews II serves on the Pastoral Team of Mt. Sinai-Friendship United. He is the oldest son of Dr. C. Jay & Pastor Jacquie. Pastor CJ is a young innovative and is eager to explore new methods and techniques of spreading The Gospel. He uses his talents to help with the digital components of the ministry. He loves to serve wherever there is a need.
He is also the founder of KINGDM, A Christian-Based Streetwear Brand.